Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ben 10 And Gwen Cupcakes - plus another omnitrix cake


I just want to share some cupcakes i made for my nephews birthday on Friday! The cupcakes were for taking to school and the cake with the 2 sugar moulded figres were for the party.
The faces on the cupcakes were made with royal icing and then handpainted, there were 25 of the 13 Ben 10 and 12 Gwen.

This is the Omnitrix cake or Ben 1o watch, this is the second one i have made this month...

These are the sugar moulded figures - Heatblast and Ben 10

I hope you enjoy looking at them!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I did a few pretty cupcakes a while back and forgot to post them... so here they are...

Ben 10 and his Omnitrix


Did some Ben10 baking! I made 50 Ben 10 cookies, 1 Ben 10 cake and 1 Omnitrix cake for a customer. I made all the faces for the cookies out of royal icing and handpainted the rest on.

Here is the Ben 10 cake...

Close up of omnitrix on Ben 10's arm.

And then the Omnitrix cake.

I enjoyed everything a lot!

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