Monday, December 6, 2010

~LiFe HaPpEnS~

It seems i am only getting out one blog post per month!
Although so much has happened in the last month or two.

In the beginning i was feeling terrible for not blogging so regularly
but i have since made peace with it, as life happens!

Let me fill you in on what has happened that has kept
me so busy!

We have moved house.
I know there are many bloggers who have blogged all through moving
and all the other things in life.
I must just be terribly lazy!

And while moving i hurt my ankle, so i have been struggling
with a swollen ankle for 3 weeks now.
It's a pain literally and figuratively as it also
keeps me from doing all the things i want to do!

I will post some pics of the new house soon.

Last week i baked again for the first time since the move
and I must say my new oven works pretty well.

I am feeling very tired since the move as it feels that i haven't found
time to do anything i want to do to make this new house feel like home.
I still have things to pack out and it is driving me crazy!

The past two weeks I have been busy with functions and
cakes and pretty much just life.
We had a funeral and a 21st birthday party on Saturday.
So that was a day full of mixed emotions.

But if there was a party then you are sure to be seeing some pics of
it very soon...
I am also baking this week and then my Granny is
coming to visit us for a few days.
Can't wait.

But for now i will be leaving you with the
view from our new house!
This is what it looks like the day we moved in.


I will be back soon~

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