Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{Sugar coated order} Bulldozer Cake

 I think I have bloggers block, if something like that exists...
I havent blogged for quite some time, although I have a lot to share!

I was asked by a Mom who saw my cakes at this birthday party
to make a bulldozer cake for her sons 3rd birthday party!
He absolutely adores bulldozers, as his Dad is in construction.

So i gave her examples of bulldozer cakes and she liked this one most.

I  tried to make it as close as possible to the example.
{The cake made is at the end of the post}
I am not sure where i found the picture as the internet is full of cake pictures.

But after I started looking around for cake examples and also party examples.
I was feeling terribly creative, so I made a bulldozer picture.
Then I used the bulldozer picture on an invitation design.

I couldn't stop there so I thought hmmm what else could i do?
So I made a dessert table mock up.

And then to top it all off, i made a bulldozer T-shirt using my bulldozer picture.

I gave this as a gift to the birthday boy!

Then I eventually got to making the cake.

The Mom was extremely happy with the end result
and she ordered a Dora cake for her 5 year old as well.
I already made the Dora cake, will do a post about that soon!
It turned out stunning!

So stay tuned, as i have some exciting news and some more cakes and party
stuff to share!

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