Saturday, September 18, 2010

::Just Baking Party Stuff:: RUGBY ~ Spring bucks vs All Blacks!

First of all, I am not an avid rugby fan.

But when I was asked by one of my customers to create some
Rugby themed party stuff for her son who is turning 7 next month,
I was feeling quite inspired!

She wanted something for a Spring Bucks and All Blacks themed
birthday party and this is what I came up with!

First up, The party circles.
I created the rugby ball images myself.


I am sure she is going to put the party circles to good use:
Maybe some cupcake toppers?

Or maybe for some candy jar labels?



She opted for the DIY version and will be printing everything herself.
I hope she shares all her party details with us after the party!

{If you are interested in having your own theme designedand printed}
{ for the DIY option, please contact me!}

or visit my website:

and click on

Thursday, September 16, 2010

::Just Baking Party Stuff:: Pink Butterfly

a Few weeks ago a customer contacted me to
create some custom made party stuff for her little butterfly's up
and coming 1st birthday!

She saw my "stuff" on facebook.

So i started designing some butterfly themed
party decor and invitations.
The Mom was going to do the cake and cupcakes and other edibles
herself and wanted a few paper party stuff.
When she saw my cookies she loved them and wanted some of those too!

Here is what i came up with for the butterfly design.

And here is the birthday girl and her Mom.

 The gorgeous table the creative Mom put together!
She made the cake and cupcakes herself
~ beautiful ~

I think the party looked so sweet!

I hope little Anja had an awesome birthday!
And may there be many more blessed birthdays to come!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

::DIY Momma:: Beautiful Pink Butterfly

Today I have a super sweet birthday to share!
Elane turned 2 about two weeks ago
and her Mom threw her a beautiful butterfly party!

Her Mom is a DIY Momma, she did everything herself even the cake!
She has a newborn as well, so I must say I take my hat off to her for pulling this off!

All the party detail was professionally photographed by
Sally Seymore Photography,
you can see some more pictures of the party
on her blog!

Here is Elane on her 2nd birthday!
Beautiful isn't she?

Here is the dessert table.
Just look at all those details...
I love the name mobile!

::Click on the pictures to enlarge::

Here is the birthday table and
Elane finished blowing out her candles, too cute!!!

I hope you enjoyed all the girly detail!

Hope you had an awesome birthday Elane and may there be many more blessed birthdays!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Sugar coated Order} Festive Dora Cake

The kettle is boiling right at this moment, going to make some coffee
so this will be a short blog post.

Remember the Bulldozer Cake i blogged about last week, well
when the Mom came to fetch the cake, she brought the birthday boy's sister with.
She turned five just 2 weeks later.
I printed out a few examples of Dora cake's I could make, as this is what the Mom mentioned
the birthday girl wanted.

She is a typical girly girl!
She picked the most elaborate one of all the choices.

I only made the cake, as the Mom had Dora cut outs she used as cake toppers!

Here is the festive cake which later turned into a Dora cake!

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