Friday, June 25, 2010

::Happy Fathers Day:: Cupcakes

This a very late Happy Fathers Day post.

Last weekend we helped our family move into a new house.
Well, they moved, i looked after the kiddies.

And this week have been a bit busy,
so I haven't gotten around to the internet and blogging that much
Plus, we are going away on holiday for a while, but
after I get back from holiday I have quite a
few cakes and cupcake orders to do,
so be on the lookout for that.

This post is about some Fathers Day cupcakes
(not mine)

Remember this?:

I designed this for Fathers Day

Well, one of my sweet readers on Facebook
used them on her cupcakes for Fathers Day.

Just look at this!
I think it is ::Super Cute::

I love how she incorporated the design into the other cupcakes too, with the swirls and dots.

 ::I Love it {Claudia}::

We took my dad for lunch on Fathers Day at Monte Casino.

What did you do?

Friday, June 18, 2010

::Dessert Table:: Pink {and} Purple

I had an awfull cold for the past two weeks.
So that means I have been very unproductive.
I managed to do a few cupcakes for my hubbies 30th birthday, but the
pictures came out very bad, still deciding if I should post those.

I did however do a mini dessert table for a friends daughters birthday today.
I bought all the edibles, as I didn't have time to bake anything.
I made the banners and paper pom poms and most of the things on the table is from
previous parties I have done.

I bought the cups for next to nothing at a party store.
I used pink ribbon in glass vases turned upside down to add some colour
to the stands.

Hope you enjoyed that a little bit... i sure did!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Sugar covered orders} Birthday Cakes

I had a few orders over the weekend.
3 Birthday cakes to be exact.

::Ben 10::  ::Barney:: and a ::3D Hummer cake::

The Ben10 and Barney was edible prints.
The hummer was 3D, and took quite some time to finish.

I hope
Dylan, Kelsy and Reece had a wonderful birthday!

 I am off to bed, i have a cold and need to get better fast.
My hubbies birthday is on Thursday and i need to get some baking done...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

::Blue Cupcakes::

It was one of our church members birthday today.
His wife asked if I could do some cupcakes for  after the service, when we usually have tea and coffee.
All she asked is that the colour should be blue and there should be a 55 on...

She brought all the other edibles
and i laid out the table.

Cupcakes view from the top

The Table
::Blue and white::
{with bunting border and blue gingham}

::Cupcakes with toppers::
fondant and paper

3 different designs
{Embossed 55, Swirly embossed and paper 55 toppers}

I edited out the background for your sake...
It was a row of chairs if you were wondering.

As always, i enjoyed it lots making pretty cupcakes and
putting together the table!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::Princess Theme:: Party ideas!

This is me
still believing that i am a princess!

Time to grow up... NEVER!

I made this cute princess party invitation
I was Inspired by this Scissors.Paper.Cake
Princess and the frog dessert table.

    It is just adorable isn't it!?

Here is some more princess cake and sweets.

This was for my niece's 3rd birthday.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Lady Bug ::Inspiration::

I was looking for some Lady bug inspired cakes and cupcakes after a client
requested a quote for a lady bug cake.

Then for the fun of it I designed a lady bug birthday Invitation.

Adorable don't you think?

::Free printable June Calendar::

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