Thursday, May 27, 2010

::Fathers Day Printables:: Free DIY

I have designed a Fathers Day Printable set!
Consisting of cupcake toppers
Cupcake or Straw flags
And a Fathers Day card!

::The toppers/circles are 5cm jor 2.5"::


If it takes you to another window, just click on that link!

::21st Princess Birthday::

I almost forgot to post this.
It is a Princess themed 21st Birthday held for my stepsister on her birthday last month.
It was held at my Dad's house.
They wanted to do everything outside, because the yard is big enough to fit quite a few people in.
But, it was so cold that evening, that they decided to move everything indoors, so the dining room and formal sitting room was cleared out, and made place for 40 guests.

When i first walked in, i couldn't believe that all those tables and chairs could actually fit in there...
I was asked to do a dessert buffet and offcourse i jumped right to it.
As a thank you gift i made each guest a cupcake, then boxed it,  but somehow forgot to take a picture of it.
Go figure...

The pictures are a bit poor, due to it being held inside and it was almost dark outside...
so bare with me...
This is the dessert table.


Princess sweets
These are the cutest sweets!

chocolate cookies
and malted chocolate balls

The alltime favourite, Oreo cake balls...

I made the banner and all the dessert tags.

One side of the room with tables and chairs.

The other side of the room,
The birthday girl in her princess attire
and some of her friends.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

::Some more Dessert table mock ups::

Yesterday, after making the Hot Pink Zebra dessert table mock up,
I was feeling very inspired!
So I thought I would see what some more themes would look like.
::Click on the images to make them larger::

This a pink and white butterfly theme:

Next, yellow and pink theme.
I designed this one for my friend's twin girls who is turning 1 next month!
The theme is winnie the pooh,
so i thought yellow and pink will go well with our friend winnie!

Then there is this one... Pink and brown polka dots and bows.
I think this will go well with a baby shower.
Or a bridal shower!

Then i designed one more!
Now this one isn't so pretty.
My husband turns 30 next month and I wanted to do a dessert table for him!
I am stuck as to what the theme should be
at first i wanted to make it a nautical(ocean) theme.

But now I am leaning more towards autumn colours...
Something like autumn picnick in the park

Seeing as it is autumn in ::South Africa:: now.
And the leaves just looks so stunning in the different shades.

What do you think?

I am still deciding!

Oh and if you have a theme in mind and would like for me to design a mock up dessert table for {you}, 
please feel free to email me,
 I would be happy to help!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Pink Zebra

I must either be going out of my mind
or i am getting withdrawal symptoms from not doing a party for
2 weeks... i don't know...

Thing is, i offered to make some printable cupcake toppers for someone
who lives practically across the globe from me.
She said that the theme is hot pink zebra.
So I started designing the printable cupcake topper file
and then I wanted to see what some other things would look like
in the same theme!
So now i have ended up with this:

And if you are not sure what is on the table look at this:
{Click to make picture larger}

I am mad right?
Thats what i thought!

How about if I add some paper poms to the banner?

Well, just thought i would share this with you!
Hope it is inspiring at least!


I am booking myself into a mental institution as we speak.
A room with a view please?
I hope they have an oven so I can do some baking!



Saturday, May 15, 2010

::Minnie Mouse Cake:: and a little tutorial

Isn't Minnie Mouse just every little girls favourite at one time or another?

Little Keicia turns 2 today
and she loves Minnie Mouse!

When I delivered the cake this morning her face just lit up after seeing Minnie!

When I was asked by Keicia's Mom to do a Minnie Mouse cake
i quickly googled to find the best looking Minnie!

I asked her how she did it, and she was kind enough to share how she did
her Minnie Mouse!

So i thought i would take a few pictures
of the process:

I hope that it could help someone in the future!

Take a look!

First i baked a 24cm by 30cm cake
Then i drew 2 templates of Minnies Face
Then i cut out one of the templates so that i had two parts.
The ears and the face.
After that i cut out the cake according to the other template.

Then i frosted everything with buttercream icing
Coloured my fondant the desired colours.
I did the pink border by measuring the height and then
rolled out and cut from the fondant.

Then i placed the black fondant over and trimmed the edges.
Then using the template of the face i cut that out.
Then i rolled out some flesh coloured fondant and cut out the face part.
I placed that where it belonged and smoothed the seams.

Then just decorated the rest of the face so that it looked like Minnie!

Let me know if you want some more details!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Royal icing tutorial to decorate ::cookies::

I know there is a bunch of tutorials out there for decorating cookies using royal icing, but
i thought i would also add mine...

Click on picture to make bigger.

There you have it!
Hope that helps!

Please dont hesitate to ask questions!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How to say happy {Mothers Day} with a cookie!

Yes Happy Mothers Day to you!

I hope all the Moms were spoiled rotten!

Now, to show you the box I delivered yesterday to
my ::Sweet Customers:: Mom!

Her Mom was very happy!
And that makes me happy!

So go on and enjoy the rest of the day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

{Sugar Coated Order} ~ ::Mothersday cookies::

a {{Sweet Customer}} wanted to order
cookies for her mom for Mothers day...
She lives about 1000km away from her mom.
So i am preparing the little surprise to be delivered tomorrow!
Isn't that just the sweetest surprise you can think of!

Here is a sneak peek of whats going inside the box:
Move your mouse over the picture to watch it change from empty to filled...

If you are interested on how to decorate a cookie like this, stick around as i will be doing a short tutorial when i am finished.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Isn't this awesome!!!???

Ok... i think i have it now...
Move your mouse over and see it change... Magic!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

::Sugar Coated Customer:: Barney Cake

I love you, you love me!

This was one of the cakes I made last week!
Another busy week of baking and decorating!
As usual i enjoyed myself!

It is for my friends daughter, and she turned 3!
Can you guess what she loves?

This is barney on the cake!

It was inspired by this cake:

Here is the birthday girl(on the left) enjoying the party with  a friend!
Alongside her is her barney pinata(which was saved, as the Mom felt to sorry to bash it to bits)

And here is the cake together with some cucpakes( i sent over a cupcake topper file)
and i am so glad the Mommy used it to decorate the cupcakes!

Have a great big hug from me!

And enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

{Inspired by Hello Naomi} Pretty Pink 21st Birthday cake

When I saw this cake a on the ::Imprintables:: blog, i was
in awe!

It is from Hello Naomi and she is one extraordinary cake decorater...

So my friend turns 21 today,
and we had a little lunch with her yesterday...
And for her birthday gift, I made her my version of this beautiful cake...
Now, I know I am not even half as good as Hello Naomi, but
I am always trying!

It was a teeny tiny 15cm cake
and my flowers are a bit big, but
the idea was there...

Beatrice! I hope you had an awesome birthday!
Happy 21st and many more!

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