Saturday, May 15, 2010

::Minnie Mouse Cake:: and a little tutorial

Isn't Minnie Mouse just every little girls favourite at one time or another?

Little Keicia turns 2 today
and she loves Minnie Mouse!

When I delivered the cake this morning her face just lit up after seeing Minnie!

When I was asked by Keicia's Mom to do a Minnie Mouse cake
i quickly googled to find the best looking Minnie!

I asked her how she did it, and she was kind enough to share how she did
her Minnie Mouse!

So i thought i would take a few pictures
of the process:

I hope that it could help someone in the future!

Take a look!

First i baked a 24cm by 30cm cake
Then i drew 2 templates of Minnies Face
Then i cut out one of the templates so that i had two parts.
The ears and the face.
After that i cut out the cake according to the other template.

Then i frosted everything with buttercream icing
Coloured my fondant the desired colours.
I did the pink border by measuring the height and then
rolled out and cut from the fondant.

Then i placed the black fondant over and trimmed the edges.
Then using the template of the face i cut that out.
Then i rolled out some flesh coloured fondant and cut out the face part.
I placed that where it belonged and smoothed the seams.

Then just decorated the rest of the face so that it looked like Minnie!

Let me know if you want some more details!


steph said...

I Love your Minnie cake!! Fabulous!! What did you use to decorate the face? Im making my daughter a minnie cake for her 4th Bday this weekend. I hope it comes out half as good as yours!

Mels Tuazon said...

hi! i love the minnie cake! would be willing to share your template with me? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to do this cake for my daughters 2nd birthday this month where could I get the templates from, many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm wanting to do a Minnie mouse cake for this Sunday any tips? Could you please email me them desperate need of help PLEASE

Anonymous said...

hello. i love this cake. could you kindly email me the template you used,much appreciated. or would you know where i could get a template?

Anonymous said...

if you are a still sending out, can i get a copy of the tutorial also.

thank you!


Anonymous said...

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