Monday, December 6, 2010

~LiFe HaPpEnS~

It seems i am only getting out one blog post per month!
Although so much has happened in the last month or two.

In the beginning i was feeling terrible for not blogging so regularly
but i have since made peace with it, as life happens!

Let me fill you in on what has happened that has kept
me so busy!

We have moved house.
I know there are many bloggers who have blogged all through moving
and all the other things in life.
I must just be terribly lazy!

And while moving i hurt my ankle, so i have been struggling
with a swollen ankle for 3 weeks now.
It's a pain literally and figuratively as it also
keeps me from doing all the things i want to do!

I will post some pics of the new house soon.

Last week i baked again for the first time since the move
and I must say my new oven works pretty well.

I am feeling very tired since the move as it feels that i haven't found
time to do anything i want to do to make this new house feel like home.
I still have things to pack out and it is driving me crazy!

The past two weeks I have been busy with functions and
cakes and pretty much just life.
We had a funeral and a 21st birthday party on Saturday.
So that was a day full of mixed emotions.

But if there was a party then you are sure to be seeing some pics of
it very soon...
I am also baking this week and then my Granny is
coming to visit us for a few days.
Can't wait.

But for now i will be leaving you with the
view from our new house!
This is what it looks like the day we moved in.


I will be back soon~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

::Happy Birthday:: Abigail's 2nd Birthday!

This past school holiday, we went
to have some fun in the sun on South Africa's North Coast.

While on holiday little Abigail(my niece)
celebrated her 2nd birthday!

She absolutely loves Baby Bop, or Barney Bop as she calls her!

So her Mom decided that this year the theme would be Baby Bop!

Her mom wanted the party on the beach, but the weather wasn't playing along, so we held it

I took some of my cake decorating things and my Sis in law took everything else
she used to decorate the table.

The day before we started with the party preparations, I baked and my SIL prepared
the party things.

She also helped me with the Baby Bop cake topper and the flowers on the cake!

The cake was made from rice krispie treats and the cupcakes were vanilla.
We had a lovely day with family as my parents in law also visited for the day!

Because my SIL is a professional photographer
I have some stunning photos to share with you!

Here is little abigail blowing out her 2 candles!

And here is Abigail and her sister Delia all dressed in Pink!

Here is some of the party details.
As we were only a few, my SIL kept
the party stuff to a minimum.
Baby Bop cake topper, cake and cupcakes made by me.
Party Buckets and table done by my SIL.

The cake was covered in buttercream with fondant accents(flowers and bows)
and Baby Bop were made from gum paste.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

::Just Baking Party Stuff:: RUGBY ~ Spring bucks vs All Blacks!

First of all, I am not an avid rugby fan.

But when I was asked by one of my customers to create some
Rugby themed party stuff for her son who is turning 7 next month,
I was feeling quite inspired!

She wanted something for a Spring Bucks and All Blacks themed
birthday party and this is what I came up with!

First up, The party circles.
I created the rugby ball images myself.


I am sure she is going to put the party circles to good use:
Maybe some cupcake toppers?

Or maybe for some candy jar labels?



She opted for the DIY version and will be printing everything herself.
I hope she shares all her party details with us after the party!

{If you are interested in having your own theme designedand printed}
{ for the DIY option, please contact me!}

or visit my website:

and click on

Thursday, September 16, 2010

::Just Baking Party Stuff:: Pink Butterfly

a Few weeks ago a customer contacted me to
create some custom made party stuff for her little butterfly's up
and coming 1st birthday!

She saw my "stuff" on facebook.

So i started designing some butterfly themed
party decor and invitations.
The Mom was going to do the cake and cupcakes and other edibles
herself and wanted a few paper party stuff.
When she saw my cookies she loved them and wanted some of those too!

Here is what i came up with for the butterfly design.

And here is the birthday girl and her Mom.

 The gorgeous table the creative Mom put together!
She made the cake and cupcakes herself
~ beautiful ~

I think the party looked so sweet!

I hope little Anja had an awesome birthday!
And may there be many more blessed birthdays to come!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

::DIY Momma:: Beautiful Pink Butterfly

Today I have a super sweet birthday to share!
Elane turned 2 about two weeks ago
and her Mom threw her a beautiful butterfly party!

Her Mom is a DIY Momma, she did everything herself even the cake!
She has a newborn as well, so I must say I take my hat off to her for pulling this off!

All the party detail was professionally photographed by
Sally Seymore Photography,
you can see some more pictures of the party
on her blog!

Here is Elane on her 2nd birthday!
Beautiful isn't she?

Here is the dessert table.
Just look at all those details...
I love the name mobile!

::Click on the pictures to enlarge::

Here is the birthday table and
Elane finished blowing out her candles, too cute!!!

I hope you enjoyed all the girly detail!

Hope you had an awesome birthday Elane and may there be many more blessed birthdays!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Sugar coated Order} Festive Dora Cake

The kettle is boiling right at this moment, going to make some coffee
so this will be a short blog post.

Remember the Bulldozer Cake i blogged about last week, well
when the Mom came to fetch the cake, she brought the birthday boy's sister with.
She turned five just 2 weeks later.
I printed out a few examples of Dora cake's I could make, as this is what the Mom mentioned
the birthday girl wanted.

She is a typical girly girl!
She picked the most elaborate one of all the choices.

I only made the cake, as the Mom had Dora cut outs she used as cake toppers!

Here is the festive cake which later turned into a Dora cake!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{Sugar coated order} Bulldozer Cake

 I think I have bloggers block, if something like that exists...
I havent blogged for quite some time, although I have a lot to share!

I was asked by a Mom who saw my cakes at this birthday party
to make a bulldozer cake for her sons 3rd birthday party!
He absolutely adores bulldozers, as his Dad is in construction.

So i gave her examples of bulldozer cakes and she liked this one most.

I  tried to make it as close as possible to the example.
{The cake made is at the end of the post}
I am not sure where i found the picture as the internet is full of cake pictures.

But after I started looking around for cake examples and also party examples.
I was feeling terribly creative, so I made a bulldozer picture.
Then I used the bulldozer picture on an invitation design.

I couldn't stop there so I thought hmmm what else could i do?
So I made a dessert table mock up.

And then to top it all off, i made a bulldozer T-shirt using my bulldozer picture.

I gave this as a gift to the birthday boy!

Then I eventually got to making the cake.

The Mom was extremely happy with the end result
and she ordered a Dora cake for her 5 year old as well.
I already made the Dora cake, will do a post about that soon!
It turned out stunning!

So stay tuned, as i have some exciting news and some more cakes and party
stuff to share!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

::Little Bird::

I have been feeling very creative since yesterday.
There has been a lot of little bird themed parties in blog land, and i wanted to design my own as well!
So yesterday i googled for a few designs, and then I started drawing one for myself that i liked!

At the end of the day, I had 2 designs i liked.
This one i call swirly bird and i used it on an invitation.

This one is just little bird and i used it on a birth announcement.

Well, I thought, I liked it so much, maybe you would too, so I designed some
party circles:
Some ideas: Cupcake toppers, serviette rings, favour tags and anything else you can come up with!

Then, today, creativity struck again.
I did this:

Ooo, golly! Help!
I think the baby vest is just too adorable, if I must say so myself!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

::Little Lady Bug::

I have been going on about lady bugs on my Facebook page for quite some time now!
But it is just so darn cute, i can't help it.
One of my customers wanted a lady bug cake for her babies first birthday.
I was so excited to make it.

After I showed her the other party stuff, she ordered some of those too.
Birthday Banner, Pom poms, and party circles.
I designed the party circles myself, inspired by quite a few other party circles i found around the internet.
There are soooo many cute ideas for party themes with matching handmade party stuff out there, i would love to make them all!

First i want to show you what i had in mind for the table.
With one of my Mock up dessert tables:

Now i don't know if the Mommy did it like this, but if i had to throw a ladybug party, i sure would!

Next up:
The party circles i designed.
The Mom ordered them for the party boxes
I hand cut all of these as i don't have a scalloped punch yet.
I also attached double sided tape to the back to make it easier to attach to the boxes.

Then, I baked and decorated the cake!
and oh boy it was so cute!
Just look at that little face!

I don't have a picture of the banners or pom poms,
but I am hoping to receive some from the Mom!

I also launched 
 Just Baking ::Party Stuff::

and here are the party circles nicely packaged

Hope you enjoyed that!
I am off to go and decorate a cake
and then we are off to my inlaws for a visit!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

{DIY Momma} Wild animal birthday party

For a busy Mom, planning a party takes up quite some time.

I met this Mom on Facebook,
{She is also from South Africa}
 she decided to do her daughters birthday party by herself.

She also wanted to make the cupcakes and cake,
but didn't have enough time as a week before the party
her husband had a medical emergency.
But she still managed to pull of an amazing party .

When asked what kind of party she wanted, the birthday girl wanted everything from barney to zebra's.

So Mom decided to make the theme wild animals.

Take a look at some of the party details!

The lion invitations
::Hand made by the Mom::

I think they are adorable!

The birthday table.
::So Festive::

Lion Photo board
::Hand made by the DAD::

Party Buckets
::Love the different animals::

And then there was the cake and cupcakes!
::So cute::
I can't decide which i like best, the cake or the cupcakes...

Close up of the cupcakes

And last but not least
{The Birthday Girl}
::Hope you had an awesome 3rd birthday Layla::

Her outfit matched the party~ such a sweet touch!

Well, I think this was a party well done.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Thanks to the Mom for sharing all her sweet party details!

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