Thursday, September 16, 2010

::Just Baking Party Stuff:: Pink Butterfly

a Few weeks ago a customer contacted me to
create some custom made party stuff for her little butterfly's up
and coming 1st birthday!

She saw my "stuff" on facebook.

So i started designing some butterfly themed
party decor and invitations.
The Mom was going to do the cake and cupcakes and other edibles
herself and wanted a few paper party stuff.
When she saw my cookies she loved them and wanted some of those too!

Here is what i came up with for the butterfly design.

And here is the birthday girl and her Mom.

 The gorgeous table the creative Mom put together!
She made the cake and cupcakes herself
~ beautiful ~

I think the party looked so sweet!

I hope little Anja had an awesome birthday!
And may there be many more blessed birthdays to come!!!


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