Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Real Parties}::Firefighters save the kittens party::

Birthdays are always a special occasion
and when I am asked to make a birthday cake for a childrens party
or for a 50th birthday, i always feel honoured to be part of that special day even if I don't know
the birthday boy or girl...

So when I was asked to make 2 birthday cakes for a brother and sister who
celebrated their birthdays close together I was deligthed!
I also loved the theme of the party:
{Firefighers save the kittens party}
I think it is very original and when you look at the pictures you can just see all
the detail that went in to the planning of this party!

It was held at our local fire department this past saturday
and it looks like the kids had tons of fun!

The pictures of the tables and the kiddies were sent over by the Mom,
she put in a lot of love and time into planning the party and I am sure she
enjoyed the looks on the little ones faces just as much as they enjoyed the party!


If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you will see a new feature where
you can share your own parties and ideas with everyone!
Please add you own real parties or inspiration boards
I would love to see them as I am sure all of you would!
I took the liberty to share my sweet 16 party...


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::{Have a very pleasant evening}::


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