Saturday, April 10, 2010

Delia's Little Mermaid Party

My little niece turned 4 two weeks ago!
And for weeks before the party, every time i saw her she told me that she was
having a little mermaid party!

So her Mom and I sat down and started planning!
First we knew there had to be a little mermaid cake and we
looked at thousands of little mermaid cakes for ideas!

After that i put my cake decorating skills to work and was very pleased with the result!

The cake consisted of two tiers, top tier a yummy carrot cake, bottom tier a hazelnut mocha brownie cake!

There were also cupcakes!
The inspiration for the cucpakes came from

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream ganache!
All the toppers were edible, also the character ones, i used edible paper on top of fondant.

As for all the other things, it took me a week to find most of them.
The party boxes, hats, cups and plates were all bought and modified a bit by me!
Using little mermaid stickers...

The banner and cupcake collars were all made by me to match the party decor!

I can tell you this, allthough it was a lot of work, it was soooooo much fun!
I get super excited about parties and cakes and all things pretty!
I am sure there is something wrong with me!

Take a look at all the prettiness of this party!
The photos are courtesy of Sally Seymore photography!
The photographer of the day!
There were so many details!

Can you spot the sea weed and bubbles(chinese lanterns) hanging from the ceiling?

The friends! What is a party without some happy friends to share it with?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures with me!


Sally Seymore said...

Susan, you are SO talented and amazing. Thanks again for everything. The blog looks wonderful!

Ralph Seymore said...

My birthday is next!! What will you be baking?

Candy and Cake said...

Very cute! Love the mermaid theme and especially the cake..:)


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