Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mothers Day 2010 free printables

My Philosophy:
Life is short, so celebrate every possible moment you get!
Sadly my Mom passed away in 2003 due to cancer, so since then i kind of feel sad on Mothers day
and not in the mood for celebrating.

But not this year!
I have created a free printable set just for Mothers day!

In the starting this week i am going to be giving it away in parts...
Part1(this week) will be the place cards and napkin rings
and Part 2(next week) the party circles, cards and flags
Also,  i am going to be adding printable cupcake collars for the 2nd part so be on the lookout for those!

All you have to do to recieve your free copy of the Place Cards and Napkin rings is to leave a comment
telling me what you love most about your mom!
Dont forget to leave an email adress so i can mail you a copy of part 1.

Okay... so on to the printables, here they are...
Dark pink and yellow!
This is part 1

and when you recieved everything this is what you will have

I did a little photo shoot with mine and i think it turned out pretty!

Dont forget to tell me what you love most about your Mom...
What i loved most is that she was always there for me no matter what happened!

Lots of Love


Anonymous said...

I have been looking around for somehthing special for my Mother and i would love to have a set of these.
What i love most about my Mom, is that she taught me to give.
Thank you

Gina said...

What i love most about my Mom, hmmm there is so many things! but i must say she is a very good cook! That is why i have decided to become a chef...


Gina said...

Oops, forgot my email...

Anonymous said...

This are precious! I was just thinking about Mother's Day this mom would always do special things for us(my favorite thing!), so it'll be great to do something special for her.

Anonymous said...

Although my mom lives 3-1/2 hours away via air, she's always there for me. The holidays are not the same without her and I go thru my emotional thing during those times. I am a divorced mom for 13 years now with two awesome teen boys and the only thing she wants is for me to meet Mr. Right who will take care of me. My life is good and I am thankful for everything I have but she still wants me to meet someone right for me.

~ Diana (

Cornel said...

Having a mom to hug and turn to in need is one of the most special things in life and to have a mom to teach you and tell you - you can! My mom is not only our family rock but she is the "rope" that keeps us tied together. She is a beautiful inspiration and I love her to bits. She is also a granny of six girls and the girls just love their "OUMA BOE"
Regards Cornel (

Jen said...

Perfect for a Mothers Day Tea Party! What I love most about my mother is her strength. She is a role model to both me and her two granddaughters.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful ~ love them! Perfect for a brunch to celebrate mom! What I love most about my mom is that she is strong and taught us to be too.
Thank you,
Shea said...

what i love most about my mom she is always there for me and she spoils my kids said...

what i love most about my mom she is always there for me and she spoils my kids.

Stacy said...

I'm sorry you've lost your mother. Mine lives 2.5 hours away, but I love my mother because she always gives me good advice. We're polar opposites, but she helps me see things in a way that I can't always see. And she gave me the best marriage advice I've ever gotten!

Thank you -

claudia cornejo said...


Candy and Cake said...

Thanks for the free printables! Sorry to hear about your Mother.
What I love about my mom is that she taught me to bake and it is now what I love to do..kind of in a different way than she taught me but, still baking, nonetheless. Now, I love creating cakes and seeing the reaction on peoples faces. It is awesome! Have a great day!


milla said...

I love that ones! :) well about my mom... i love everything about her.... she's my best friend, and she's everytime there for me.... she is fantastic!! in every single day!!!
thanks a lot!!!

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