Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 parties and 2 cakes

I am typing this filled with a mixture of
elation and fear!
Fear that i won't get everything done that i want to(hopefully with some time management i will)
and elation because this is what i love to do!

Let me explain:
The weekend was pretty full and on Sunday driving home from our wedding weekend,
we stopped over at my Uncles house, because it was his birthday, to wish him happy birthday!
We were late for the party, actually we missed it altogether, but we still dropped in to wish him well!

My cousin, who is turning 16 this year, asked if i could do a dessert tablescape for her friends birthday this saturday. I said sure!
Knowing that i am also doing one for my step sisters 21st birthday this saturday!
And today a lady confirmed an order for two birthday cakes for friday!
Oh, and i came home ill from the wedding, with a cold, so i spent most of yesterday in bed and only got up
this morning!

So now i have exactly 3 days to plan, bake and decorate for both the parties(the 21st i am attending).
And to do the 2 birthday cakes, one is a fire truck the other is a cat cake!

Also, i am helping a friend tomorrow with her twin grandsons birthday cakes!

So i have already started the planning for my cousins party
the theme is Denim & Diamonds.
And the colours has to be pink and turquoise
here is my idea for the party:

I am also taking some inspiration from the dessert buffet Amy Atlas did here:

Because there is loads of turquoise and pink!

For my step sisters 21st, she chose
a princess theme...
I am still trying to decide exactly what i am doing for that:
This is all i have for now:

as i am saying i hope i get everything done!


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Both of those ideas look amazing - good luck!

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