Monday, April 19, 2010

The Cake and ::{The Wedding}::

This weekend, or actually part of last week, i was
stressed out!
Because i had to make a 3 tiered Chocolate mousse wedding
cake for our friends wedding!
The wedding was held 300 km away from where we live, so guess what?
Everything had to be done there...
So i had to pack up my kitchen and decorating utensils and decorate the cake at my
In laws house, which is 30 km from where the wedding was held...

I was busy the whole of friday and was able to deliver the cake friday evening on the farm.
It was placed in the cold store, seeing as it was filled with mousse.
But not only did i do the cake, i also made 150 oreo cake balls for the chocolate table they had
for dessert!

Take a look at some of the wedding details:
::{the wedding was brown and turquoise}::

The happy couple!
::{They got married on the family (tomatoe)farm}::

The Cake
::{3 tiered chocolate mousse cake}::

The rest of the dessert table
::{Only the cake balls were made by me}::
 I did not do the dessert table, only made oreo cake balls that you can see back there in the corner to the left...

The wedding was really beautiful.
I don't know why, but for some reason i dont have any pictures of the
tables where we sat after the ceremony...

Thanx for the visit!
::{Drop by again soon!}::


Sally Seymore said...

Hi Susan, I'd like to see more photo's of the cake!! Or were you just to baked out to take many? xox Sal.

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