Friday, June 25, 2010

::Happy Fathers Day:: Cupcakes

This a very late Happy Fathers Day post.

Last weekend we helped our family move into a new house.
Well, they moved, i looked after the kiddies.

And this week have been a bit busy,
so I haven't gotten around to the internet and blogging that much
Plus, we are going away on holiday for a while, but
after I get back from holiday I have quite a
few cakes and cupcake orders to do,
so be on the lookout for that.

This post is about some Fathers Day cupcakes
(not mine)

Remember this?:

I designed this for Fathers Day

Well, one of my sweet readers on Facebook
used them on her cupcakes for Fathers Day.

Just look at this!
I think it is ::Super Cute::

I love how she incorporated the design into the other cupcakes too, with the swirls and dots.

 ::I Love it {Claudia}::

We took my dad for lunch on Fathers Day at Monte Casino.

What did you do?


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