Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Call it Daisies and Dots!

The cake I mentioned in yesterdays post!
I am done decorating it!
This is a tiny cake, only 15cm!
But isn't it just tooo adorable!

and I shall call you Daisies and Dots!!!

Its a Butterscotch cake
with Butterscotch mousse filling!
and Buttercream frosting!
Cant wait to cut it to taste.

Here is some more pictures of my precious!

Would you like the Recipe I used for this cake?
Follow this link

As for the butterscotch mousse:
Just take one packet of butterscotch instant pudding(dry)
and add to that 250 - 500ml fresh cream(depending on how much you need)
(i made 250ml and i still have half left)

Have a beautiful day!
Lots of love


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