Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Kitty & SpongeBOB

In the beginning of the week i saw these cute as a button hello kitty cake pops on a blog named bakerella ( so i just had to make them for myself and that is exactly what i did. But while i was thinking of making them it occured to me that this could possibly be done for another lovable character, yes spongebob!!! What can i say, i tried it was tons of fun and it tastes even better!!!

Want to try them for yourself, you could always visit the Bakerella blog she gives a nice step by step guide to make the hello kitty pops as for the spongebob it will try my best to be as infomative, here goes:

I used 3 packets of vanilla oreos

1 227g of cream cheese

crush the oreos and mix with the cream cheese, make balls and press out squares using a cookie cutter. Use the eeny meeny miny mo's for the nose and also insert a stick.

Next let it cool in the fridge for about an hour

melt the chocolate in a cup so that there is enough room to dunk,add yellow food colouring dunk and shake off excess. Return them to the fridge. Cut out the eyes and teeth from white and blue fondant and "glue" using melted chocolate, draw in the rest with the edible ink food writer and there you go...


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