Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty Birthday Butterfly

I Had my first actual Birthday cake to bake the other day, it was for my niece, she is turning 3 on saturday. I was a bit stressed as to how it would turn out but sure enough it looked just fine when it was finished. So here goes... first i baked to 23cm square madeira cakes it was approximately 4cm high then i put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. When i was sure i would be able to cut it nicely i took it out and placed butterfly template over it secured it with pins and cut it out. I then put some apricot jam all over the cake so that the fondant i was going to work with next would stick. I tinted fondant pink, purple and yellow and began rolling, when i was sure it was big enough to go over the cake i placed it over. Then i did the other wing and finally the body. At first i thought it would be quite tricky, but i did the two wings first on the cake board and then i did the yellow body part seperately and then with a spatula i slid it in between the two wings. It worked just fine... Finally i decorated it with some more fondant and made a border with royal icing as well as the antenae... Oh and i also cut the name out of fondant with letter stencils.

Thanx for browsing and have a great day!!!


Sally said...

Delia loved her birthday cake to bits!!! Thanks auntee Suzz...

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