Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Kitty Cake

Last week i recieved an email, asking if i could bake a cake (hello kitty) for a birthday... and i agreed, a little scared as to how it would turn out... i googled around and found a nice template of hello kitty's face and printed it as big as i wanted the cake to be.

The request was for a chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream, i did the chocolate sponge cake but didn't think the fresh cream would work well as a filling because it would melt and the fondant would fall off. (Its still very warm here even though it is turning into autumn).

So i baked two square 22cm chocolate sponge cakes and let it cool, then wrapped and placed it into the freezer... to make the cutting easier. After 2 hours i took them out and levelled the cakes then sandwiched it together with chocolate buttercream and wrapped and placed in the freezer again. After half an hour i took it out and pinned on the hello kitty template that i printed earlier. I cut out the template and frosted it with white buttercream the chocolate sponge wouldn't be seen through the white fondant later on... A crumb coating was fine.

Next it was the fondant's turn to do its magic... i measured the cake and rolled out the fondant accordingly... then placed it over and smoothed it with my cake smoother. Then i added the rest of the face also cut from fondant. For the bow i used a heart cookie cutter and a round cookie cutter. Just cut out two hearts and stick to fondant and then place the round piece over and there you go...(easies bow i've ever done) Then i made sure the eyes, nose and whiskers were in proportion according to the picture/template, added some glitter dust and there you go... one Hello Kitty cake ready for a birthday...(The request was also not to make it look to childish as the recipient was turning 23 so i didn't over do the extras... less is more... i think)

I had sooo much fun with this cake and really happy with the way it turned out... Looking forward to baking my next cake...


Anonymous said...

I like this cake it looks amasing. Good one suzy

Lali said...

Hi! I was just asked to bake a hello kitty cake for a 29th birthday (Guess we are all still just big kids) I am curious to know the template you used.

this one came out divine!


Rasha said...

this is a very nice cake..from where did you get the template?? i'll try to make it fro my daughters birthday i hoope it will turn out lovel├┐ like yours=)

Susan said...

Hi, I just used the picture you see in the post as a template, enlarged it to fit the cake and cut from there...

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