Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cupcake Topper Give Away!

Cupcake topper Give Away!

Want to make your childrens birthday Cupcakes extra special, but dont have the time
to decorate them?

I have designed three sets of cupcake toppers to give away!

I am giving away 4 of the cupcake topper files!
The Winners will be drawn on Friday 9th of October 2009 by a random generator!
Winners are allowed to choose one of the four Themes.
Please leave an email where i can contact you!

They can be used for cupcake toppers, serviette rings, name tags and anything you can think of placing them on!
Just print them on some thick paper(card board), cut out and glue a plastick stick to the back(with double sided tape)!

Take a look at the toppers i have designed!
there's a beary special one! For a Teddy bears picnick themed party!

There is a Merry Christmas one! These can be used for cupcake toppers, or for gift wrap tags!

Little lady bug Themed party!

And i am also giving away the Duck toppers file i made for the 1st Birthday Party

Just leave a comment telling me what type of cupcake/s you like best!
Lots of Love


Anonymous said...

I love the toppers! My Favourite cupcakes are Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese topping!
Mail :

Shiane said...

Very Cute! I like chocolate Cupcakes too! Would love to try the Buttercream Ganache!

Email me at:

Jennifer said...

I like the Bear ones! Would work well with my son's upcoming 1st Birthday! Favourite Cupcake, hmmmm i think i like any cupcakes! As long as ther is icing!

Elsie said...

Very cute indeed! The Christmas toppers would suite me perfectly! I am an early Christmas planner!
I also like carrot Cupcakes

Meghan said...

I like Vanilla cupcakes!

Amanda said...

I adore choc chip cupcakes!

Vanessa said...

Oh, this could be a lot of fun! I like vanilla cupcakes and lemon ones!

Anonymous said...

Pistachio cupcakes!

Gabriella said...

I just love the topper idea! They could come in handy!

Must say chocolate cup cakes are on top of my list!

Thank You


Anonymous said...

I love Chocolate Cupcakes!!

Email at:

Nina Timm said...

I like a light and fluffy vanilla cupcake with a lemony frosting!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh ! Suzy, I love all cupcakes lol, favourite has to be chocolate with a chocolate ganache
DEWDROPS said...

I realy like the chocholate chips one cupcakes. Lovely bears!

Jane said...

Wonderful! For me the best tasting cupcakes are caramel, this is divine. XOX

Jill said...

I truly love the bears. I would say that cupcakes that have white chocolate bits in are delicious.

Bluegill said...

Can you believe bears, so adorable. I realy do like good old chocolate cupcakes.

Martha said...

Can have a bear? Great idea never heard of before. Love the toppers. I just want plain vanilla cupcake.

Candy said...

Like the bears. Caramel cup cakes!
Great baking.

Rebecca said...

A lady bug themed party it is a wonderful idea. Can you make strawberry flavoured cupcakes? That would be wonderful.

homaira said...

chocolate cupcakes with ferroe's inside.

original cin said...

I love over-the-top cupcakes, rich chocolate with lipstick-pink icing. Yummy!

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