Friday, October 2, 2009

Red And White Cupcakes - Idea for 21st

Last week while busy with all the party preparations, i made some sample cupcakes for a customer,

She unfortunately cancelled her order, something about cake will be too much after a three course meal! I say there is always room for cake! Oh well! Her loss i guess!

So seeing as i have these pretty pictures of the cupcakes i made and no order, i thought i would design an invite to match the cupcakes!

I am trying my hand at coordinating my cupcakes and cakes to invites and the rest of the party decor As you saw in the party pics! Everything was Duckys, from the invites to the serviette rings and more!

These were the cupcakes! I even made one bow glazed so as to look shiny!
And here is my custom made invite that will go well with the cupcakes!
I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did!

Lots Of love


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