Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ben 10 Watch - Again

This is the 4th
Ben 10 Watch Cake I have made!

Check out my first one here

 Technically I am busy baking the 4th one...
The order is for Saturday for a 5 year old boy! Who no doubt loves Ben10!
Aren't Kids just a JOY!

Speaking of
our family usually
 Celebrate  with a Christmas
dinner a few weeks or so before Christmas because we aren't always together on Christmas Day.

This year,
inspired by all the beautiful dessert buffets and using my new found Baking
skill, I was given the go ahead by my Step Mother to do a Christmas dessert

I am not sure
about the colour scheme, will have to put my brain to work real soon about that!

Any Ideas?

Do I stick to the
traditional RED and GREEN Christmas, or do I experiment with some other

Have any

Christmas Dessert buffet's ideas you would like to share?
Keep in mind here
in South Africa it is Summer time when it is Christmas time... so no snow for

I would love to
hear your thoughts on this, if you don't mind sharing!

Oh, and another
thing...would you like a Ben 10 Watch Cake tutorial, seeing as I am busy baking
one and decorating tomorrow...

Let me know if
you would like a step by step tutorial.

Lots of love


Mosun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smoking-Hot-Surveys said...

I would love to see your tutorial on the ben 10 watch cake please. If at all possible I would appreciate it if you can mail it to me at

Thank you!

Ps: Love your design on the ben 10 watch cake!!

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