Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invites and Thank You's

Hello Again!

I am making some cupcakes this week for a Bridal shower this weekend!
All i can say, is it is going to be pretty!
Will post them as soon as i am done!

I also designed the Thank You cards for the guests.
It is in my home language(Afrikaans), so basically it says Thank You for Attending!
You can probably guess the theme is going to be Fairies...

And then, i was playing around with a birthday invite...Just for fun!
Here is a pastel coloured one!
I think it will look very cute for a birthday!
Don't You think so too?

Let me know if you can still remember your 2nd birthday?
I have pictures of mine, but i definetly cannot remember it!

Have a wonderful day
Lots of Love


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