Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miniature dessert buffet

Sooooo sorry for being a bit absent that past few weeks...
I have been very busy!

But stil had my fare share of baking and cake decorating!
Last weekend I bake a bunch of cakes and cupcakes for my nieces
4th birthday party.
I cant wait to share the beautiful photos with you!
The theme was little mermaid.

On friday it was my friends birthday and i decided a miniature
dessert buffet was in order.
I saw this cake on cakecentral that i wanted to try for a while now, and i know she loves

Here is the cake(while it was still light outside)

and here is the mini dessert buffet!
complete with easter eggs...

Here is the serviettes that went with the rest...

And here is my friend cutting her cake!
She was very happy and didn't expect a birthday cake at all...

I will be back soon...

Have a lovely day
Lots of love


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